Sunday, 31 May 2015

One Day More!

Tomorrow is the 1st of June... Which means that I get to go back to social media! Ooh! How am I feeling about this? Well, I'm intrigued to see what I've missed. I want to check my messages, as I'm worried that I'll have missed something important. I've made various new friends recently, and am looking forwards to seeingif they've added me or adding them. I've missed not being able to look people up- you know when a name crops up in conversation that you don't know, so you look them up? Yeah, I've missed that. I feel a bit out of the loop, so it'll be good to catch up, particularly in terms of any events I've been invited to- that all happens over Facebook! So, with regards to that, I guess I'm missing it & looking forwards to going back. However, those are all pretty small things. Over the course of this month, I've survived incredibly well without Facebook, and I would say I'm feeling better for it. Partly, I've been more productive (though I have found other ways to procrastinate- Pleated-Jeans I hate you!); partly, I've lost that comparison level that Facebook provides, which has left me feeling a bit better about myself; partly, I feel closer to people, as I'm actively seeking them out & asking how they're doing etc. When I'm linked up, I also feel compelled to be reacting to things, for instance on Twitter- and recently I just haven't had the energy, so it's been good to not feel like I have to. It's made me realise how dependent we are upon social media. I would love love love to give it up entirely, but it's become a huge part of how we live, which is frustrating. So, I'm going back tomorrow; but I think I'll be resistant, at least ill the end of my exams. Following that, I aim to continue to take a step back approach to it, using social media largely for necessity. But who knows!

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