Saturday, 16 May 2015

Onesie Week: Day Six!

Although I started the week by making sure I had enough onesies to last, I had to do a repetition today... Sad face. The onesie I was going to wear was a penguin, with penguin feet. Unfortunately, onesies with feet don't allow for shoes; earlier this week I had to wear plastic bags, and on another day I cut the feet from a onesie. As I had plans to spend part of the day in town, I decided shoes were a necessity; and the feet of the penguin onesie have penguin faces, so I didn't want to cut them off. Hence, I wore my cheetah again, mainly cos it's one of my faves- it's just so cosy!! Anyway, today I took part in National Good Gestures day, which might just be my favourite day ever. It was birthed by Stephen Sutton, who died of cancer last year (it was in the news). He was a pretty amazing person, as evident in this: he felt we should have a day to show a bit of love and goodwill to the people around us, so came up with the idea of a National Good Gestures Day. It was held last year, and went really well- he lived to see it, thank goodness, but unfortunately died later on in the year. NGGD was held again this year, and in Bristol there was a huge organised team for it. We spent time in the centre, giving out free high fives, hugs and stickers, and just generally spreading the loce. I absolutely loved being involved, and am super glad I made time to join in!! 

If you can ever do something for NGGD, definitely do; or just show a good gesture to the person next to you. Give them a smile, a compliment- it doesn't need to be big, just something to show that you care! And, if you're reading this, I think you're beautiful x

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