Friday, 2 October 2015

Sponsored Silence!

I've officially completed the hardest and most frustrating day of my life: a sponsored silence in aid of 2015in2015. I chose to do a sponsored silence for two reasons- firstly, because it was relevant. For those affected by mental health problems, it can be hard to speak out- so, as my sign decreed, I was staying quiet (for once!), so others might not have to. Secondly, I chose to do it because I knew it would challenge me like nothing else could. I am hugely talkative. I am hugely argumentative. I rely on words. To have to sign or write was incredibly frustrating, and I'm amazed that I made it through the day. I would much rather do a month without jeans and chocolate and meat and social media than one more day of a sponsored silence! Today has definitely pushed and tested me unlike any other challenge. But, y'know, it was worth it, because it's all for a good cause. For those who need a reminder, or who are new to this, 2015in2015 is my baby: a year-long campaign, aiming to raise awareness of mental health, and money (aim is £2015, to be exact!) for Mental Health Research UK. This challenge has seen me wearing a unicorn onesie, abstaining from alcohol, and participating in monthly challenges. This challenge has had me (and my lovely friends) walking to Bath. It is this challenge that succeeded where everything and everyone else failed- in shutting me up for a day! But why? Why am I doing this? Why is it important? Well, as a survivor of self harm and dark/suicidal places, as well as an ongoing warrior fighting what can be intense anxiety each and every day, mental health is something that has affected- and still affects, and will probably continue to affect- my life in a big way. Far, far worse than my own struggles, however, is seeing those I love go through theirs. No one deserves to be attacked by their own mind. No one deserves what 1 in 4 people experience every year. Everyone deserves health, and happiness, and self-worth, and love. Everyone deserves hope. I am going to keep fighting until that is not just a wish, but a concrete fact. Please help me. Please, please help me to help others hope. All the money raised from 2015in2015 goes straight to Mental Health Research UK. There, it will be used to research the causes, treatments and cures for a variety of mental health problems. Long term, this could provide an awful lot of people with a whole lot of hope. If you share the same vision as I do- a world where there is more knowledge, and therefore better treatment, for people fighting against themselves- then help me out. Text 'BEKS97 £2' to 70070 to donate £2 (or change the money bit to donate more/less), or to make a donation. Alternately, grab me when you see me! Lastly, share this status- it takes a few clicks, and it would be really helpful. Thank you so SO flipping much to everyone who's supported me so far- I can't explain how huge your support has been. Seriously guys. Y'all are too fantastic. And remember- no matter who it is reading this, there is room in my heart for you, always. I love you, wonder-person. Rock on xxx

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