Saturday, 6 June 2015

18th Birthday...

It's just over a week till my 18th birthday- exciting!! This is the time of year, for me, when people say 'what do you want?', and I jokingly reply 'world peace'. Well, this year I'm changing my answer. This year, I want better research into and treatment for mental illnesses. It's all I've ever wanted, really; it's the one thing I've wanted to change about the world, for as long as I can remember. However, this year I'm doing whatever I can to help us to get there- and I'm asking for your help. If you were planning on getting me a present/card for my birthday, then I've got a small ask for you. Instead of getting me something, I would much much rather you made a donation to my 2015in2015 campaign instead. It's not that I don't appreciate presents, of course I do. It's just, you see, there's really nothing I need- I've got my health and happiness, I've got love and friendship. Mental health research/treatments need funding, and if I can help give them that, then that's what I will do. If you weren't planning on getting me anything then that's totally cool, ignore this status! But if you were, please take a minute to check out, and make a donation- it doesn't matter how big or small, it just matters to me that you've made one. Thank you so so much, and I hope you have a beautiful day x

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