Thursday, 1 January 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons, Drink Lemonade

This year, I turn 18. It's a landmark birthday, signifying reaching adulthood. In the UK, it's also the age at which I am legally able to purchase alcohol. Hence, for many people, the 18th birthday is celebrated by exercising that right- eg, going out and drinking.
I've been looking forwards to that too- I've even decided where I want my first legal drink to be, and where I want to go for my first night out. However, this year I have something bigger on my mind: the small matter of raising £2015 for charity. Therefore, I have decided that, for the whole of this year, I will not consume any alcohol. None at all. I'm asking people to sponsor my attempt (which WILL be successful!!) and to follow my progress- all support is so so gratefully received!!
That's all from me for now, aside to wish you a Happy New Year- and to make mine a lemonade :)


  1. Hello

    My name is Jessica and I after watching the assembley you gave to my comunity today I felt so.....happy, happy that someone was doing something because it's about time! I felt a little bit too shy to ask question in front of everyone so if there is anyway for me to ask them I would love to know. I would also love to help you in anyway that I can.

    Good Luck!!!

    Jessica x

    1. Hey Jessica!

      It's so lovely to hear from you :) I'm really touched that you felt so happy about the assembly. Of course you can ask questions- email me at and feel free to ask whatever you want! Thank you so much for your offer- for now, just letting people know what I'm doing is really helpful, and giving me a like/follow (Facebook- search 2015in2015; Twitter- @2015in2015) is something I'm really grateful for too!

      Thank you so so much lovely,

      Becky x