Sunday, 16 November 2014

Hey There!

Hey there! I'm Becky. I'm 17, I live in the South West of England and I'm currently studying at sixth form. Oh, and I'm also about to embark on a huge challenge: to raise over £2015 in one year. All the money raised will go to Mental Health Research UK, a charity focused on research mental health and the causes/cures of mental illness. I'm hoping to do this through a number of events- there will something for everyone! Along the way, I'm also hoping to raise awareness about mental health and mental illness, to do my bit to reduce the stigma and discrimination surrounding it. I'm really hoping that you'll follow and support my progress. It really would mean the world to me! More information about me, the project and what I'm doing will come as soon as possible. For now, check me out on Facebook and Twitter- and get sharing! :D

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